Southern African Nations Seeking Unity in Christ!

Southern African Nations Seeking Unity in Christ! 
The first meeting of the leadership of the Southern African Nations of the Church of God took place in Durban South Africa in May of this year. This was the first gathering of representatives from Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. What an answer to prayer to have these leaders come together in ministry! We discussed our common goal to raise up a fresh generation of indigenous leadership for the future of our ministries that emphasizes education and expanding evangelistic outreach. We left the meetings with our hearts lifted for a new vision of what we could collectively accomplish.

The second meeting of these leaders just took place at the end of September and Josie was able to attend. She traveled to Lusaka, Zambia and met with more than 80 delegates from the Southern Nations. Great worship and teaching took place and the meetings brought news of what God is doing in each of the nation’s ministries. Pray for the next…

Living and Giving


From North to South Delivering Relief Supplies in Malawi

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Our March / April newsletter didn't give us the time or space to share with you the videos and information that I believe will touch your heart.  Ladies unloading the last of 100 bags of maize. The average weight of the bag is 110 lbs. Click Here

Leaders of our churches in Chitimba, Livingstonia in the Karonga District in Northern Malawi. 
Bibles in the Tambuka Language, Plastic Sheets for roofs, and maize with some happy pastors!
Training and teaching Pastor's and Leaders in the North of Malawi.
Church under a couple trees A great rhythm section praising the Lord
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Tim and Josie Vickey

Check out our quick video high lighting just some of the places and faces that God is at work!

Disaster Relief in Southern Malawi

In Southern Malawi delivering supplies: Maize, Ufa (corn flour), Plastic Sheets for roofs and windward sides of homes and Mosquito netting.
The finances that you have supplied for relief supplies are being delivered and put into use every day. We have worked to immediately get into affected areas and share God's blessing with hurting people. These supplies are going to sponsored children and families at the Mtewa Church in Nsanje district. 
Unloading a full truck is always a joy, with a lot of excitement and anticipation.  Our focus is upon the Lord and how He provides for all of us. The times of distribution are an opportunity to tell of Christ and His love and how He is our Sustenance and true Hope. 

Disaster Relief for South East District of Malawi

Disaster Relief for South East District of Malawi  Saturday January 24, 2015 we visited the rain and flood ravaged villages in the Mulanje area of Malawi. This area received a month of rain in just three days completely washing away crops and destroying homes. We are traveling to the Southern District Tuesday the 27th. 
We have been able to deliver corn flour. These are 10 kg bags about 22 lbs of corn flour in each bag. One bag per family. This is the staple of their diet that makes Nsima. 
We delivered plastic sheets for covering the roofs and providing relief from the driving rain. We brought mosquito netting to aide in the prevention of malaria. You can see the buckets for water and there are some plastic plates in that pile as well. On this trip alone we brought in over 1 ton of disaster relief materials and supplies. 

It is heartbreaking to say but the children on the left in the foreground are watching the children in the background receive supplies and there is not enough to go aro…

Persistent Rains and Flooding In Malawi

GO - DO - BE - 2015 Go! Do what Jesus would do! Be Christ like!
In Malawi with Tim and Josie Vickey
Massive flooding hits many districts in Malawi. President declares disaster and calls for international help.

Shire River Valley: Some of the most fertile soil in the river bottom next to the Shire River has been swept clean by the torrential rains and floods. The crops have either been washed away or under water for a week now. In the areas where the water recedes there is a possibility for replanting here at the tail end of the season. Pray that this will be possible and that the replanting effort is successful to alleviate massive hunger later in the year.

The central region was not spared! Mangochi area homes two days after the rains and the waters had still not receded. 
In another part of Mangochi portions of the road were completely swept away. 

Whole villages are underwater. In the right center of the photo below there is a house with mud walls that collapsed and all you see is the gr…